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Klinikum Mutterhaus der Borromäerinnen

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What does our hospital stand for?

Our patients

Our main purpose is respect for the living and the responsibility for life, from the beginning till the end. The goal of our efforts is to regain the patient’s health and for them to have the determination to go on. We respect the dignity of every unique person.

Our employees

In our working environment we want to obtain openness, honesty, fairness and the ability to communicate. To us loyalty means that we can freely exercise our rights and duties and responsibility to everyone, every day.


In order to take on responsibility, we need to be informed and to inform in a comprehensive way. There is an equal flow of sharing information between hospital staff and patients. We can assure that the utilization of information will take place at it’s highest discretion.

Other Languages

In our Klinikum Mutterhaus in the middle of Europe, many people of various nationalities from around the world care for the patients and communicate with them.

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US-Patient Liaisons Officer

Alwine Ramirez

Tel. 0651 947-83355