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Internal Medicine in the Clinical Center Mutterhaus Ehrang

The Department of Internal Medicine has modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities and is able to provide up-to-date treatment for a broad range of internal disorders.

Its repertoire includes endoscopic diagnostics and conservative therapy for disorders of the bronchial system and the entire digestive tract as well as therapeutic endoscopy (removal of stomach and intestinal polyps, various methods of bleeding control, placement of feeding tubes in patients with swallowing disorders, removal of bile duct stones, etc.).  Most of the endoscopic examination and treatment methods can be performed on an outpatient basis following a referral from the primary care physician.

Another focal point of the Department of Internal Medicine is the non-invasive diagnostics of cardiovascular disease, particularly by means of the ultrasound examination of the heart (color Doppler echocardiography) and the duplex sonography which enable the recognition of critical narrowings of the vascular system.

Furthermore, patients with in curable diseases are treated in Close cooperation with the palliative doctors Dr. med Andrea Schmitz and Dr. med. Alfred Seegmüller.

Head of Internal Medicine

Dr. med. Sören Schwarze