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Pekip Course: Prague-Parent-Child-Program

The Prague-Parent-Child-Program is a concept based on working in a group setting with parents and their children in the first year of life. The goal of Pekip is to support the parent-child relationship in this crucial developmental period in order to:

  • increase awareness of, to accompany, and to encourage the baby in its present situation and developmental stage.
  • strengthen and deepen the parent-child relationship.
  • accompany parents in their present situation, encourage the exchange of information between parents, and promote their making contact with each other.
  • enable the baby to have contact with other babies of the same age.

Young parents and their babies meet in small groups as of the 4th to 6th week of life. The focal point of Pekip’s group work is play, movement, and sensory stimulation for parents and children.
Parents and children are playfully active together across generations.

For registration and information call: 0651 683-3210