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Trauma Surgery in the Clinical Center Mutterhaus Ehrang

The Department of Trauma Surgery provides comprehensive care for the patients with injuries to the bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments using the most modern methods and implants. We have the authorization of the employers’ liability insurance associations for the treatment of work-related accidents including serious injuries.

The department provides comprehensive care with conservative and surgical procedures that have been used for years by the head of the department. Christoph Pohl has acquired extensive experience in trauma surgery during his training in Trier and has implemented his expertise in senior positions in hospitals in Saarland and Hesse for the benefit of his patients.

A priority of our department is the surgery for degenerative joint disease.  The repertoire ranges from arthroscopy (shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, and ankle) to artificial joint replacement (shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle) as well as implant exchange operations for artificial joints.

An additional focus is foot surgery. Christoph Pohl is acknowledged by the Society for Foot Surgery as a certified foot surgeon. All foot malpositions, from skew-, flat-, and splay-foot to hallux valgus or hammer toe can be surgically corrected.

Our third priority is the care of the elderly. Through close cooperation with the Department of Geriatrics in the Clinical Center Mutterhaus Nord older people can be transferred significantly earlier than in other hospitals to an age appropriate rehabilitation facility. This is of benefit to the elderly, and a renewed participation in their daily independent life can thus be achieved even following serious injuries and operations.

The orthopedic-trauma surgery spectrum is further expanded with spine and neurosurgery. The diverse outpatient operations of the department are performed in the Clinical Center Mutterhaus Nord whereas the inpatient operations are performed in the Clinical Center Mutterhaus Ehrang. The preparatory examinations and the follow-up care are possible in both hospitals thus offering care close to home to many patients.

Head of Trauma Surgery

Head of Trauma Surgery

Dr. med. Markus Rick