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Baby Massage - The Special Art of Touch in the Clinical Center Mutterhaus Mitte

The Power of Touch

The skin originates from of the same germ layer as the nervous system. When we caress the skin we are also touching the soul. 

Baby Massage as Communication

Baby massage is a form of parent-child communication. Through touch, contact with the child is made and a deep bond is developed that often lasts a lifetime.

Experience Communication

Discover how your child communicates with you and learns to relax during a baby massage. The massage is done with the baby, not on the baby. Love, acceptance, and respect are conveyed to your baby through this technique. If you massage your baby during breaks in your daily routine, massage becomes a method for communication which is available throughout your entire parenthood. Lay the foundation, together with your child, for a lifelong ability to relax.


  • Instructions on how to improve the bonding process through specific aspects of baby massage
  • Advice and information about colics and instructions for a colic massage
  • Touch as a special form of making contact
  • How to communicate with your child
  • Relaxation techniques for your child
  • Sensory training

The Offer is Suitable for

  • Babies during an inpatient hospital stay with their parents. An exact upper age limit cannot be defined as every child has his/her own developmental pace. It is, however, important that your child is not yet mobile.

  • Babies with special Needs: 

    • babies with  impairments
    • babies during a long hospital stay
    • such as premature babies

The baby and child massage in the Clinical Center Mutterhaus der Borromäerinnen is offered by Mathilde Ballinger. She is professionally certified by the German Society of Baby and Child Massage.