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Internal Medicine 1: haemato-oncology, infectiology, gastroenterology

In the Department of Internal Medicine 1 in the Klinikum Mutterhaus all internal medical disorders are treated. This department is a vital part of the Tumor, Breast, and Colon Centers with their specialization in oncology (tumor disorders), and hematology (blood disorders). In addition to treating cardiac and pulmonary disorders, our department also specializes in pain management and the treatment of the metabolic disease cystic fibrosis.

Internal medicine cooperates closely with the Department of Nuclear Medicine for special diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (PET-CT, cardiac-MR, cardiac–CT, myocardial scintigraphy) and with the Department of Radiology (CT, MR, angiography, mammography, breast MRI, invasive procedures such as chemoembolization and biopsies with CT navigation) as well as with the state-of-the-art radiotherapy including stereotactic and PET-CT guided irradiation.

Head of Internal Medicine 1

Dr. med. Rolf Mahlberg