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The psychiatric team in the Klinikum Mutterhaus aims to provide orientation for emotionally disturbed people and to prepare them for the return to daily life, for long term therapy, or for rehabilitation respectively.

The patient has a choice of either inpatient or outpatient therapy. A team of psychologists, therapists, physicians, and nurses put into practice treatment plans individually tailored to patients’ needs in our day clinic with 20 places as well as on four wards with a total of 80 beds. This means that an environment for the patient is created which allows him to experience as much normality as possible. The goal is a transition to a life without psychiatry.

A closed ward produces aggression. Freedom is one of the basic requirements for a relaxed therapeutic atmosphere, therefore we practice an open door system. We do not separate our units according to disorder or gender.  In this way we are able to markedly reduce the potential for aggressive behavior. Less concentration, less rage.

“The Therapy” doesn’t exist. Instead there is a variety of different therapeutic group sessions that can be combined with each other like building blocks:

  • medical treatment
  • psychotherapy

    • individual therapy
    • group therapy (anxiety, psychosis, depression, borderline)
    • training programs (assertiveness, cognitive, and relaxation training)

  • exercise therapy (gymnastic conditioning, dance)
  • occupational therapy (development of skills for everyday life, interaction training)
  • art therapy (painting, open workshop, drama therapy)
  • music therapy (singing, experimental music group)
  • animal assisted therapy (with our therapy dog Neo)

Head of Psychiatry/Psychotherapy

Dr. med. Oliver Hamm