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Internal Medicine in the Clinical Center Mutterhaus Nord

Disorders of the internal organs often appear especially threatening to the affected patient because the connection between the presenting symptoms and the actual organ disease is not immediately apparent. In our Department of Internal Medicine we consider it as our first important task, to plan and perform the examination steps in close cooperation with the patient. For this an extensive arsenal of modern diagnostic techniques is available to us. Our medical staff is especially competent in the fields of cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, pulmonary and respiratory tract diseases, as well as metabolic diseases.

The second step, following appropriate diagnostics and in cooperative dialogue with the patient, is the specific treatment of the diagnosed disorder. Severe illnesses and emergencies in the field of internal medicine can be treated by artificial ventilation and cared for in our interdisciplinary Intensive Care Unit. The pharmacological and technical therapy of heart rhythm disorders belongs to the special treatment spectrum of our hospital whereby, in cooperation with our Surgical Department, pacemakers and defibrillators can be implanted. Their follow-up care can take place on an outpatient basis.

Further medical services of the Department of Internal Medicine extend beyond the inpatient stay. Patients may participate in the diverse array of programs of our “Gesundheitspark Trier” (Healthpark Trier) and the cardiac sports groups.

Head of Internal Medicine

Dr. med. Torsten Engler